Let the younger generation do it..

Educational attainment doesn’t guarantee that a person really has reach the peak of understanding.

Just these lately days, I have this coworker who happened to be my land lady also who doesn’t even take a glance to look at me nor say a word to me. Well, i don’t know if she has a problem in life or whatsoever that she has. She is not telling me or the group if she has any problem with me or with us.

She just suddenly isolated herself for any reason that we don’t know. And she didn’t even bother to say any word when we’re around. Well, if she doesn’t care to tell her problem with us nor say any word to us I think it’s not our problem anymore. That will be her problem for I think as of now she is the alone who is alone because she is isolating herself.

And as for me, that should not bother me because I know that I have done no wrong and if there is she should let me know. If she would not do that then let her know it alone. The burden will be for her. I understand her situation. She is alone.

I think I’ts time for me to find another boarding house. New home again. That would be un.

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