Why Silence is not always the best answer?

I welcome myself back to the world of blogging. It’s been a while since I changed my status’ blog from public to private. Now I’m opening every access to this mini artwork of mine to those people who may choose to give a minute of their valuable time in reading or just a glance of the eye to the words that I may post and use.

My silence was long enough for me to think of the things that I might again share to the world of netizens. I am an amateur writer and all of the stuffs that I wanted to be but I know I can show to the world that I exist. And I want to make an authentic presence to those people I am with.

Sometimes, Silence and letting things die won’t put the issue in the state of death. It will let it sleep for a while or for a long time but eventually and for surely, one day it will be awaken and it will make itself and its presence be felt. Silence is neither a friend nor an enemy.

I tried to run to the things I knew I needed to leave behind but running won’t guarantee my freedom. I ran but one thing I noticed was that while running I carried them with me. And I realized that before I choose to run I need first to  choose who will be left behind so that i may know who is with me.

Now I know silence is a matter of not talking it’s just a matter of taking a pause.

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