The Fault In Our Teachers

When I read the book of Dr. James Dobson “A New Dare To Discipline” as if I found a new friend who comforted me that I was not the only one to eye when students failed. These words from his book which I will be quoting are really an eye opener to those who put teachers as frontliners at war. Words that I think we really need to reconsider and ponder before our mouths utter words of ignorance.

Here it goes…

“Before we leap to blame the educators for everything that has gone wrong, however, we need to take another look at the culture. The teachers and school administrators who guide our children have been among the most maligned and underappreciated people in our society. They are the easy target for abuse. They are asked to do a terribly difficult job, and yet they are criticized almost daily for circumstances beyond their control. Some of their critics act as though educators are deliberately failing our kids. I strongly disagree. We would still be having serious difficulties in our school if the professionals did everything right. Why? Because what goes on in the clasroom cannot be separated from the problems occuring in society at large.”

“Educators certainly can’t be blamed for the conditions our kids are in when they arrive at the school each day. It’s not the teachers’ fault that families are unraveling and that large numbers of their students have been sexually or physically abused, neglected, and undernourished. They can’t keep kids from watching mindless television or R-rated videos until midnight, or from using illegal substances or alcohol. In essence, when the culture begins to crumble from massive social problems that defy solutions, the school will also look bad. That’s is why even though I disagree with many of the trends in modern education,I sympathize with the dedicated teachers and principals out there who are trying to do the impossible on behalf of our youngsters. They are discouraged today and they need our support.”

The fault is not in the stars.

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