Why there is no such thing as Ending?

All good things must come to an end.

In his book “The Spirit of Leadership”, Harrison Owen made a point that nothing really is built to last. There comes a time to let go of everything and make a new beginning. But when you’re on the bridge of no return what path should you ought to take?

In his explanation on the six stages of grief at work he made emphasize on the ending. Why ending is so important to moving on. Why when it is over it is really over.

“Endings are the necessary precursors to new beginnings. One simply cannot get on with whatever is coming next until and unless the present passes. This thought suggests that in avoiding the fact of ending and death, one misses out not only on the fulfillment of present reality but also on the opening of the next act.”

When we deny the reality we keep our eyes closed to the meaning of the event that is suppose to keep us moving and make another chapter of the story going on.

“Ending is simultaneously the fulfillment and the fracturing of the finite forms, then avoiding the end is avoiding the meaning and purpose for which something was created.”

Ending is not really the end.

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