Death Scares Me Still

“Momento mori” – Remember Death.

Death reminds me that life here on earth life is temporary but somehow it still scares me that I might leave this world in a blink of an eye. I can feel the sting of death and I fear it. I fear that I am not yet ready. I fear that I have not done any good deeds yet. I fear death itself. I hope when it comes I won’t be there.

How sad that most of the time I forget to live my life one sunrise at a time. I want to hurry things without realizing that the more I wish for it the more I am closer to my grave. That there are fewer years ahead of me. And I can’t even count them because in reality what I only have was the past.

I am still asking myself when will I be ready to die because I don’t really have a choice but to be or am I ready to let go of those who will go ahead of me? But somehow, death is a reminder that we need to spend our life with love in our heart. To spend our time with what matters most. To spend our time with wonderful people and to the joys life can offer.

I have only one wish when I die that I hope I had spent my life to the fullest and had loved all the people around me because nothing is more satisfying than to know you had given all your love to the world. God will one day welcome us into His paradise. Let’s hope for it.

May all of us have a restful and a happy death…

“When you know what you are willing to die for then you are ready to live.”

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