One Thought. One Action.

Why many people are so afraid to take that one step? Don’t they know that all actions begin with that one single step? Make that thought be a reality. I know you are thinking to move forward and at least make a difference in your life but why you are afraid to do it? What’s preventing you? You weren’t born just to be another coward in this world. There are more than enough of them. Don’t up add up to their large number. You can be different if you just want to. Make a decision. A decision that you have never done before.

It can’t be enough that sometimes you just wait there and watch things to happen for you. You need to make it happen. You need to do something if you really want things to be meaningful and have purpose. It will be our last freedom that can never be taken away from, to make meaning and purpose out of the experiences that life is throwing us. Meaning and happiness will not knock on your door just like a present. You need to make them. You need to summon them so that they may appear for the rest of your lives. You think they aren’t there all the time but you’re wrong, they are. It’s you they are waiting.

There is nothing wrong in this world. All is wonderful because God created them to be. The wrong will always be in us. The way we see things. The way we deceive ourselves to what is not real. We give meaning to none and see nothing to things that are so wonderfully made. There is nothing wrong with the world nor with the stars and all that is created by man. What’s wrong lies in us.

One thought can drive one action. And one action can produce multiple actions that can actually have a lifetime impact to anybody. Make that thought a reality. You make the world in your mind. Nobody knows it except God and you. Forgive your mistakes because God has forgiven you before you have done it.

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