My Realizations That Wipe My Depression

I was so lucky that I was able to attend the Christening of one of the kids of my former college classmate and friend through the invitation of one of my classmates who was really the invited guest to attend the Christening. Actually, I wasn’t really invited and wasn’t given an invitation but since I was a former classmate I just went. It’s friendship after all.

I was just so happy because life taught me things and lessons that I think I have never read in any book yet. And these lessons have tremendous effects on me because I felt that I was really connected to humanity and to myself being human. I have realizations that will forever be remembered.

They said, every story is sacred. There are parts of it that we do know and we understand base on our interpretation and there are some parts of it we do not know and are sometimes forbidden to know. And those parts that are hidden to us are sacred one. So precious that even the knower doesn’t want to know or only want to be kept and not to be known until the grave.

All things can only be happened in a day. It only took one day for me to realize some parts of me and have fully understood a self that is hidden in me. In just one day, I was able to craft these realizations that were revealed to me. There were revelations and it’s up to me if I want to pick up the dirt or the gems. But I would rather choose the gems. All I need was a one day with real souls.

And here they are:
1. You can never really fully understand the world just by reading those books in the closets. You need to go out and discover worlds out there. Let yourself be connected to the realities of life. It is only when you are connected to the human souls that you fully understand yours. Books don’t have it all. Yes, they tell stories and they give learning but nothing compares to the stories of souls and the lessons from the experiences of real people. They are really wonderful and beautiful.

2. Humans. God loves humans because we are only humans. We not a god nor an angel although we are spirits. But in this world we are only humans full of needs. All of us has a need to fulfill. If we don’t know it, forever we will be longing for it. I am also a human, I thought before that I don’t need anybody to satisfy my needs especially my emotional needs but I was wrong. We all have emotional needs whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not, whether you are aware or unaware. We can’t deny that we really are just humans that will live in this world once.

3. There will always be a child in us who will search for love, who will long for love and affection. In this world, people really hungers for love and affection especially human affection. Where is all the love in the world? Why the world is running out of it? Why the world is thirty to such love? What makes this kind of love absent in the world now? People will do anything just to have that love that lacks in their life no matter what.

4. Sometime, we can’t really judge people. There will always be that part of a book that we don’t understand and it’s more fitting that we don’t pretend that we know and understand it. We just need to respect it.(Sorry but I can’t tell the story why I say this part. But I believe who really we are to judge others. There is story behind why I say this words and it’s just so scared to tell.)

5. Death. I think I need to go back and thank God that I’m still alive. All of us can only live once in this world. Make it beautiful. Sometimes, we don’t really need to take everything seriously even ourselves. We are not perfect and we’ll never be. Make this life on earth beautiful. It’s not really the end of the world when nobody loves you. There is always someone out there who wants to but time has not yet come. Be the one to give love not to receive it. Be a giver and you’ll be happier.

6. Don’t mind the world. Mind your world. The world will not stop for you just because you stopped living. Life is always forward. Break those rules if you need to. Make it decision to think that once is only once. We live in this world once, no second best just the best.

Life after all is a decision. We do what we do, whether we are aware or not, because we want to be happy, because of that need that we need to fulfill and satisfy and often times we do not know it and we become automatically victims of circumstances. We do what we do for a certain reason. Reasons that sometimes we do not understand. People are people are just people.

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