Let’s Begin to End Everything

Well, stalking her facebook account makes me want her more. I guess I need to be honest with myself, she’s more beautiful now than before. I guess life is really beautiful for her now. And I think she’s more happy where she is. I wish her all the love and happiness of life.

I’m want to say sorry to her and I want to do it personally. I have been so insincere in her eyes but for the last time I want to be true to her. I want to say that I’m sorry for what I have done. she doesn’t deserve me in her life. Maybe a better man would really be the one to replace me. The one that will be with her for the rest of her life. and I know for the past years I wasn’t that one. And I will never be. I can’t be enough.

I want to see her not to beg her to come back with me because I know It will not work anymore. I am not the one she needed. I want to talk to her because I want to say I’m sorry. I want to ask her forgiveness although she can’t give that easily. Saying sorry to her won’t take away the pains and hurts that I have done. I just want to do it for the both of us: To finally end what we had done and start anew. This anew can be just friends. and I hope it will be alright for her or maybe a new beginning of something new.

I’m not hoping anymore that I will be forgiven but I want to show her that I am sincere with my apology and I am sorry. To see her once more would be a happiness on my part. I guess there will be no coming back for the both of us because of what I have done. I left her and I’m guilty and sorry for that. I hope and I wish she will forgive me. It’s my only wish.

I want to see her again and I know in my heart It will be the last. It can be the ending and I hope a new beginning. I am not expecting anything good to happen. Just her presence is enough. Just to see her is enough.

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