She is Not Rude

“I just read your message now.Hindi KO napansin na ngmesg ka pla.Actually,I’m really surprised sa mga sinabi mo.I’ve already moved on,matagal na yun.Please move on as well.I don’t have any hatred or anything negative against you. Thanks for the message though.Keep safe!:-)”

Maybe, She is just being good to me. I know I have hurt her but I am also happy to know that she had finally moved on. I feel like I am left behind but that’s alright because I think I deserve it and she deserves to me happy as well. She is not supposed to be imprisoned of the past. She always deserve happiness and love from people around her.

It’s me now who is not free. I am left to be alone and figure out what am I suppose to do with my life. But I am also free knowing that she is happy.

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