Why Promises Took So Long to be Fulfilled?

December 16, 2014
8:00 PM @NSNU Chapel
2nd day Simbang Gabi (Reflection)


While listening to the homily of the priest, my attention was caught by the word “promise”. He was explaining the promise of God to mankind, that God will send a Messiah that will bring redemption to all. The Gospel was about the genealogy of Jesus. Many names was mentioned until Jesus was born. Well, I thought those names were written by the evangelist Mathew to show that Jesus is also a man, that Jesus is both human and Divine but the priest made a more wonderful and meaningful explanation that really made me think and realize things.

It was about the promise. From the very beginning God made a promise to mankind. A promise to redeem man from sin, a promise of salvation. The priest was explaining these things. But then suddenly he asked a question that really I think is worth thinking, “why that promise do took so long?” (Bakit ang tagal-tagal matupad ang pangako ng Dyos?). That question was also the question I want to ask God. What took You (God) so long to fulfill Your promise?

Sometimes in my life I also ask God so many things. I ask them in prayer because I believe when Jesus said that whatever you ask to the Father in prayer in my Name it shall be given to you. I think this is a statement of promise. A promise that all our prayers will be answered by our loving Father. But then, why the answers to my prayers took so long to be fulfilled? Sometimes, I don’t even know and notice that they were already fulfilled or not fulfilled at all or even answered.

I had made promises and I feel like those promises I failed and I never fulfill made me a liar. A kind of person who made other people believed in me but then at the end they experienced betrayal which I never intended to do. Promises are made to be fulfilled. But why sometimes we can’t fulfill it?

It is easy to make a promises. The question, why sometimes promises took so long to be fulfilled, has the answer, it’s because it’s never easy to fulfill one. Promises are never easy to fulfill. They are hard to fulfill that’s why it takes time. Time is needed. Why sometimes we can’t fulfill our promises? It’s because it’s hard, really hard.

What God has promised to us is never is easy to fulfill. He needed time and we needed to wait. God needed to do His promise of redemption in human history. He made it through time. Because it is only time that He can fulfill His promise and He did not fail us. One promise is never easy to fulfill.

Sometimes in our life what we ask to God is never easy to fulfill. He needed our patience because He will fulfill it in His own time for our own good and for the good of the people around us. God sees everything, the past, the present and the future. One promise fulfilled has effect to other people. Yes, promises took so long to be fulfilled, all promises take time and it takes a trustworthy person to fulfill it and it also takes a faithful person to hold on it and wait it to be fulfilled at its own time.

When a trustworthy person says a promise I am sure it is worth waiting. God is our model. Let’s be like Him.


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