The Sound That Most Of Us Cannot Hear

There comes a time in our life that we need silence. A time to be alone with ourselves and with the One who created us. A time to be alone but not lonely. A time to be in solitude. To talk with the one who is always with us yet we don’t stop and at least pay attention for a while. To rest the one who is working for too long. To calm the mind that is constantly thinking and uncontrollably worrying the work of everyday.

When we take time to stop we help ourselves to know deeper the one longing for love. That is the self. Sometimes, only in silence the mind can think of the things that we never thought of before. Things that are so revealing that we sometimes are shock to discover unravel truth because we are too much busy to survive the day. This busyness of life blinds us to what matters in life.

In our busyness, we believe that we are doing many important things. And by doing so, we feel that we are important in this universe and our contribution matters. But busyness is not all that matters. Our busyness robs us of the capacity to think of how we should be living in this world. Because we are busy doing so many things we let our days slip away without us knowing it. We are not aware because we believe that it is the way life should be. But it’s not.

The noisiness of life wounds our inner peace and lessens our capacity to enjoy peacefulness. A noisy and busy life accustomed us into believing that this is life in the modern world. That we need to get used to it. That as early as possible we need to embrace it for our own survival and sake. Life is not designed to be like that.

Silence heals. Nine months of silence in the womb makes a life. When we are wounded, in silence we find healing. Try to calm the mind and not to think of anything but peacefulness. Worries kill the mind’s capacity to think well and be at the moment. When our mind wonders too much it doesn’t a choice but to multitask and to multitask means to exhaust the brain from working too much. This activity robs us the gift and joy of the present.

Too much noise leads to frustration and depression. Sometimes, even to the moment that we can’t understand ourselves. All of these happen because we need silence inside our minds and our hearts. When we don’t understand things it’s because we are clouded with noises. We need to clear our minds and pull away those noises in our heads. We need silence for us to clearly hear them. We cannot let go of things that we don’t know. We need to clearly identify them and let loose our hands to let them slip away from our grip.

Only then we can do all of these if we find time to hear the sound of silence. The sound that most of us can not hear. The sound that heals our inner wounds and let’s us meet our truer selves. When we die still silence is the last thing to let go.

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