The Reason Why the Man/Woman of Your Dream Has Not Yet Come


Probably we all want someone in our lives who will stay with us forever and ultimately who will love us for the rest of our days. And most of us find ourselves waiting for that someone to come believing that one day he/she will appear at the right time. Surely, most of us have asked God to grant our wishes but surely also not all of us have defined clearly what we wanted and depended on that belief that “God knows”.

Some keep on waiting but the thing is they never ask God. “Ask and you shall receive”. Surely, God knows what we need but it is also important to express our hearts’ desire wherein we need to ask God for the things we need and we love to have. It was God who said ask and you shall receive even though he knows it already. You need to ask and confirm to yourself that this is what you need and love to have in your life. If you want a loving person to walk with you for the rest of your life. Ask God. and wait because it won’t be easy. We are not receiving what we are hoping for maybe because we have not asked God and confirm to ourselves that we are ready to receive it.

Define who will he/she be because when you’re able do that you are now ready to receive and welcome that person in your life. Some one wise once said that God gave blessings based on our capacity to receive. If it takes long then maybe you are not yet ready to receive that person God meant for you or maybe God is still molding the best person fits for you. To be able to  clearly define what you want is a sign that you are ready to receive it.

Ask God and make it clear and precise. He will give you your heart’s desire if that’s really your heart’s desire. Regret comes when we are not clear of what we want. And when we ask, be patient because if you truly want the best time is needed. Don’t haste because most broken glasses were broken by accident because of haste.

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