Random thoughts and questions (part 1)

There are many times I question the existence of this called life. I am settled into believing that God gave us this enormous and wonderful gift called life so that we could enjoy the world and all creation. But why is it that it did not come with a manual so that we could at least navigate the world and our life a little better than the one we are living today.

We are left with more questions to ask than questions to answer. We are left with those questions we know we would be asking for the rest of our lives. And that we know we will never find answers to them. The wise would say that to ask questions so deep would make one more wiser but asking draws us more into a bridge hanging between two fragile cliffs, and any time that hold can be broken. The questions don’t rest as well as our thirst to find the answers.

Our life here on earth is short lived whether we like it or not. The moment of the second is all that we have, tomorrow is never a guarantee. Perhaps tomorrow is just a make up of the mind. The future is a thought that is in mind thought in the present. It never really exist. We think of our future. We think of our selves to be there but could we really be there. The mind deceives us of thinking that the impostors really exist. The ghost of the past and the illusion of tomorrow.

Why humans sometimes think of themselves so big when in fact up there we are so small and nothing. Contemplating the vastness of the universe made me question my existence and place in this world. What am I? Am I a random chance that should be grate because I was given the opportunity to live in this world? I don’t know. I am even scared to think that I have thoughts. Do I even own these thoughts? Are they really mine. I don’t know. Are we alone in the universe? What is out there? Are you scared of these world?


to be continued…

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