On the Contemplation of Death

I often wonder what it feels like to die, what it feels like to feel nothing. Death is a very scary topic for most people. It is a taboo to talk about the day you will exit this world. The day you will have to breathe your last breath. What does it feel when your time has come to do it?

Those people whose days are numbered said that they have come to the point of peacefulness. They have accepted the fact that their time has about to come and had nothing to do anymore but to deal with it. to deal death with peace, to deal it with acceptance. Maybe that is life after all. It has to end whether we like or not, whether we are ready or not. It will to all of us.

Death could be become a beautiful experience because death only happens once in a lifetime. Once it is upon you, it will never happen again. So when death is knocking on the door, be sure to be there. There is only one way to welcome death, with acceptance and peaceful. Resistance would only make the experience unpleasant and scary. Sit on knowing that it all upon human being. No one can escape.

Many would say that death is just an exit to another entrance. And indeed for sure an entrance to another dimension we do not know. The other side is a mystery. Something we know about but we do not fully know about. Something we build on our minds, a paradise where a happiness is all there is. But how could that be. I don’t know also. Only death can reveal what is on the other side.

It could beautiful but it scary. Most of us don’t want to leave this world we are born with if we are lucky enough to have a life most convenient. But a man who suffers since the day one sees the rays of the sun, death could be such a relief. When life is so cruel, death is a savior. Death is the one that gives meaning to time. That time is limited.

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