The Day I Almost Took my Life

I thought I will be fine of being alone. It’s ok to keep it all inside until one day you will find yourself broken and crying a lot for not being able to understand what is happening around you. You exist to know all your miseries in life. To know that life is not all about joys and happiness but mostly misery, sadness, and sorrows. I have come to love my loneliness and accepted that I can not be part of a happy world.

I have suffered all my hurts in silence, in darkness I have cried my bitter tears alone. I want the world to know how vulnerable am I. That I am hurt. That I feel so all alone sometimes. That I am not strong. That I breakdown when I reach my breaking point. And when I am there, I find myself walking all by myself on the path of nowhere.

Life is beautiful. life gave us all the chances to experience whatever the world has to offer. I cannot thank God enough for the opportunity to live and love. But I hope God made an easy exit to life when life is no longer functioning the way it should be. An easy way to escape the so called reality of life. Sometimes, you just don’t want to be there. You don’t want to experience life anymore.

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