When “shits” happen

shit-happensNothing is more annoying than to start a day with shits. Why do shits happen the least you expect it? and it happens to the very day you wanted life to be perfect for you. Such situations are disgusting. The thing there is, it invaded already your system and it’s already too late for you to defend yourself from “disgustness” and the unexpected happens. The shitsness of life appears. and you need to have a formulated actions in order for you overcome it. but problem is, there are no enough formulated actions to used when shits happen. I have formulated some of it based on my reflected experiences.

1. Relax. Relax. Relax.We are not meant to control everything. Our will power is limited only to our own body. You alone only can control yourself and you have to, in order for you to save your face form future destruction. Breathe deeply. Tell yourself that whatever is beyond your control you are not responsible for it anymore. If you can not handle the situation, let the situation handle itself. Have a dignified exit when you know it’s beyond your power and control. Don’t break yourself. Relax. Do it for your own health.

2.Don’t rationalize.

Over thinking of what had happened will bring you mental disturbances or worst mental destruction. Don’t over think neither rationalize why things happen. To understand the situation is different from rationalizing it. Rationalizing, sometimes, involve judging, condemning, criticizing, justifying, correcting and most of the times it leads to killing and dying. I’m not joking. It’s true. Too much pressure kills the immune of the body and it starts in the mind.

Don’t over think. Leave the thinking and further studies to the experts. Accept things and let it be. Don’t go beyond the boundary. Let your own thoughts be your own. Do it again for your own sake.

3. Use the “Fire exit.”

In case of emergency. Yes, look for the fire exits of life. There are lots of it. Actually, It’s everywhere. You just have to look around. Using the fire exits of life is different from excusing yourself from responsibilities. Remember also that we are responsible for our own willed actions. I say “willed actions.” Those actions that are really ours. Those actions that we have done with our knowledge, consent, and will. If you think, things are happening against “willed actions” it’s time for you to use the fire exit. And reminder, have a Dignified one. Get out of the house when it is in fire. or better, be careful “Don’t play with fire.”

4. Pray.

It is always best to ask assistance form someone who knows best. Talk to your creator and provider. Ask help and for sure rescue will come at the right time.