Make a Personal Stand: Speak For Yourself

How many among us can make a personal stand on what we believed in, on what we are standing for, and on what we are fighting for without others influencing, persuading, supporting us in our personal ideas, beliefs and perspectives of things?

Sometimes, we say the right answer because this right answer is what the questioner is looking and asking for you. When you are being observed, well I guess it is really the right thing to do, to give what he is asking.  But the test is, can you oppose a strong idea which everybody finds favor with and you are the only one in the room who disagrees? what would you do?
If you were asked to cite your stand in the certain idea, speak but do it with respect. You don’t always have to agree with the ideas and consensus of many, it is always better to make your own stand base on your own choice and people will respect you for that. It is never necessary to explain your stand.

Sometimes, we confidently say words because we are confident enough that we know it and we are right and we confidently  trust those people who imparted the knowledge for us. But what we do not know also is that the more we believe them the more our confidence in our ideas diminish. We are likely to borrow the ideas of others than trusting and generating our own idea. It is not good to always oppose the ideas of others, we can find agreements to some but let us also learn to create, generate and trust our own ideas and try to present it to the world. Don’t worry of accepting and rejecting. Remember that each of us has always to make a choice and choose one according to his standard of thinking.

Always make a personal stand whether you agree or disagree. Speak for yourself not in behalf of the others.

But one thing to bear in mind “Respect the ideas of others as you want them to respect yours.”

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