Why Teach Digital Leadership?

Many schools have banned the use of social media in their respective schools and district. But the reality stays the same that social media will be here and will remain for centuries to come and with that we should be preparing our students to be digital leaders. The world of social media is a reality most educators are aware of but seemingly do not know how to maximize it thus limiting the potential of social media to be an instrument for change.

Schools banning social media in their respective campuses might be losing the opportunity to teach students on how to properly use social media. There are negative consequences in social media and we are all aware of what people can do in social media. Cyberbullying is a big issue as well as privacy of data on the internet world.  But could it be that students are using social media in a wrong way because nobody has ever taught and modeled them how to use social media for better? In a way that may improve someone else’s life and even contributing things that might improve the condition of the world when maximizing social media.

Social media are not only meant for socializing but can be great tools for educators to teach students the skills they needed in life. We could teach our students become digital leaders not just merely digital citizens of the digital world. A digital leader is someone who uses social media for a cause. A digital leader uses social media to help improve the lives of others and of the world. It could be a responsible use of social media but it is more of being responsible. It requires change, improvement, contribution for a better world.  It could be putting up a social media account and use it to empower or inspire others. It could be a cause you want others to be aware of and want change to happen. It could be using social media to bring up to authorities a concern that might have been neglected for so long.

We don’t expect learners of today to be digital leaders if our educators are not digital leaders themselves. Educators should model the how to and teach the why of becoming digital leaders. Educators can make professional social media accounts for a start. Social media are not place for gossips and useless things but could be tools that can be used to achieve a much greater end. Educators could have a digital portfolio so that may be accustomed to the online world. Social media is a great connector and provider of information when used properly. You can connect to the greatest minds out there. You may research for the best innovation and ideas that past and present world offers. There are a lot of things that can be done. Educators must be aware as well of what they post online. You students might be watching you. Remember to model digital leadership.

There are also dangers in social media and we cannot deny that. But the world is not free from the danger as well. We teach our learners how to protect themselves and use the skills they have learned so that they may know how live on their own and navigate the world. We teach them skills we think they need now and in the future. We let them see the reality that life is not only bed of roses but also have thorns. We teach them value of honesty, compassion, social justice and so much others. Just as we teach them the skills for real life, we should also teach them the skills of becoming the digital leaders so that when they are in social media, they may know how to use them well. We teach them what application is safe to use or not. What features can be used in times when something not so good happen. We can teach how to use social media in a different way. That cyberbullying is something they can stand up to. That instead of being part of the problem, they could be part of the solution. They are many young learners out there who use social media for greater cause. Imagine where social media could be a safer place because we have so much digital leaders out there doing the right thing.

It is a risk to use social media in schools but it is a reality that it will stay, so we might as well do something about it and not just block social media in our school campuses and pretend that students don’t have access to them. Let us use them so that we might give learners the needed skills in maximizing social media for better.

I encourage you to read the book Social LEADia by Jennifer Casa-Todd to learn more about digital leadership. There is so much to share about it.

The Day I Almost Took my Life

I thought I will be fine of being alone. It’s ok to keep it all inside until one day you will find yourself broken and crying a lot for not being able to understand what is happening around you. You exist to know all your miseries in life. To know that life is not all about joys and happiness but mostly misery, sadness, and sorrows. I have come to love my loneliness and accepted that I can not be part of a happy world.

I have suffered all my hurts in silence, in darkness I have cried my bitter tears alone. I want the world to know how vulnerable am I. That I am hurt. That I feel so all alone sometimes. That I am not strong. That I breakdown when I reach my breaking point. And when I am there, I find myself walking all by myself on the path of nowhere.

Life is beautiful. life gave us all the chances to experience whatever the world has to offer. I cannot thank God enough for the opportunity to live and love. But I hope God made an easy exit to life when life is no longer functioning the way it should be. An easy way to escape the so called reality of life. Sometimes, you just don’t want to be there. You don’t want to experience life anymore.

On the Contemplation of Death

I often wonder what it feels like to die, what it feels like to feel nothing. Death is a very scary topic for most people. It is a taboo to talk about the day you will exit this world. The day you will have to breathe your last breath. What does it feel when your time has come to do it?

Those people whose days are numbered said that they have come to the point of peacefulness. They have accepted the fact that their time has about to come and had nothing to do anymore but to deal with it. to deal death with peace, to deal it with acceptance. Maybe that is life after all. It has to end whether we like or not, whether we are ready or not. It will to all of us.

Death could be become a beautiful experience because death only happens once in a lifetime. Once it is upon you, it will never happen again. So when death is knocking on the door, be sure to be there. There is only one way to welcome death, with acceptance and peaceful. Resistance would only make the experience unpleasant and scary. Sit on knowing that it all upon human being. No one can escape.

Many would say that death is just an exit to another entrance. And indeed for sure an entrance to another dimension we do not know. The other side is a mystery. Something we know about but we do not fully know about. Something we build on our minds, a paradise where a happiness is all there is. But how could that be. I don’t know also. Only death can reveal what is on the other side.

It could beautiful but it scary. Most of us don’t want to leave this world we are born with if we are lucky enough to have a life most convenient. But a man who suffers since the day one sees the rays of the sun, death could be such a relief. When life is so cruel, death is a savior. Death is the one that gives meaning to time. That time is limited.

Random thoughts and questions (part 1)

There are many times I question the existence of this called life. I am settled into believing that God gave us this enormous and wonderful gift called life so that we could enjoy the world and all creation. But why is it that it did not come with a manual so that we could at least navigate the world and our life a little better than the one we are living today.

We are left with more questions to ask than questions to answer. We are left with those questions we know we would be asking for the rest of our lives. And that we know we will never find answers to them. The wise would say that to ask questions so deep would make one more wiser but asking draws us more into a bridge hanging between two fragile cliffs, and any time that hold can be broken. The questions don’t rest as well as our thirst to find the answers.

Our life here on earth is short lived whether we like it or not. The moment of the second is all that we have, tomorrow is never a guarantee. Perhaps tomorrow is just a make up of the mind. The future is a thought that is in mind thought in the present. It never really exist. We think of our future. We think of our selves to be there but could we really be there. The mind deceives us of thinking that the impostors really exist. The ghost of the past and the illusion of tomorrow.

Why humans sometimes think of themselves so big when in fact up there we are so small and nothing. Contemplating the vastness of the universe made me question my existence and place in this world. What am I? Am I a random chance that should be grate because I was given the opportunity to live in this world? I don’t know. I am even scared to think that I have thoughts. Do I even own these thoughts? Are they really mine. I don’t know. Are we alone in the universe? What is out there? Are you scared of these world?


to be continued…


Dear God,

While I am writing this letter, I was thinking if there could be a place here on earth where I could meet and talk to you personally. Anyway I think that’s impossible for now but I do hope that this letter would back up the thoughts that really are on my mind. I know that you know my thoughts before I had written them down here but I think it would still be great to have them visible through words.

God, ever since, you were introduced to me, I kept thinking who really you are. Your mystery really keeps me on searching and wanting to get to know you more. Your love for humans keep me to ask questions why you give abundant blessings to all with no limits. Your mercy and forgiveness keep my feet to walk back towards you and ask if you can accept me once again. God, why so good to me? Give me your answers that I may understand you.

God, I often ask you questions about love and joy, suffering and pain of this world, and more often I also demand answers. But I thank you now that you have not given me answers directly but instead you have let me live and through experiences and life, you have indulged me to the beauty and pain of discovering the answers to my questions which makes my sojourn in this world  a journey worth travelling.

Remember the times when I was in pain and had asked you bitterly why did you let me come into this world that is full of suffering, crying and misery? During those moments I have seen my birth not as a blessing but a curse and a mistake of a creator. But now, I regret why I let my ignorance and emotions have taken me over. I should have known better. I never realize that when I was born I was the one who put smiles on the face of every people who loved me and were dear to me. God, thank you for letting me live. It is now that I know that before I was born in this world you have first born me in your mind and in your heart and that made me feel special. I want to thank you that I was the one who won the race until I reached the finish line called conception until the moment I was born.

Remember the times when all my prayers were to ask you miracles to make my life comfortable, and waiting upon waiting you have not answered them. Disappointments enveloped my heart and hatred poisoned my mind. I remember those times when I had doubts if you were really existed. I wanted to know where you are in eternity. In those many days that I contemplated on your existence you made me realize how limited and small I am not to trust you on things you know before they came to existence.

I am still young and my downs in life are few compared to your Son who had fought and won the greatest the battle history has ever known. I never understand why you keep these downs, trials, challenges and problems be in my life. You are powerful right? Common with just a word you can make them all disappear and be at once vanished in the cosmic but I am glad that you did not do it.

I’m glad that those downs I have had which I believe you permitted to happen enough for me to carry and bear, hone and shape me into a person you want me to be, a unique one never a replicated, imitated, and carbon copy of anyone. You created as a human but when I was born you are creating me to be a person exactly you had me on your mind before I was born.

I know that you know that my capacity and ability and you send rescue when I needed it most. Remember the times when I needed to be brave? When I needed to speak what I really believed in and sometimes, I only speak once. You provided me courage, the heart to stand on my feet, you said, “Do not be afraid. I’m with you” You word, I feel them in my flesh.

I once said, “God, this world is too much for me to bear,” and often times, I am more hopeless and helpless when I am faced with monstrous fears that bring trouble to my heart. But you gave me a perfect image to remind to bear my share. The image of your Son on that cross, nailed and hung, reminds me with humility to face my fears and let my heart not be troubled because through them lies the greatest lessons in life you want to unveil for me to learn. I am afraid of my fears but seeing your Son, He never did, because He knew you were with Him, and as for me, thank you for being there when times I find myself vulnerable and keep asking you to explain why I did not feel your presence when I needed it most. I believe you are with me always even when you are silent. It took me a quite sometimes to know and understand that it is in silence that you are able to talk with my heart.

God, I’m here in this world, and I can say this world is full of your goodness, full of joy and laughter, of all the goods things you bestowed when you created the world. But I can’t also deny that this world is also with suffering, pain, sorrow, and temptations that lead to evilness. This world is world of mixed realities and without you I think I am now drowned into a pool of temptations that may eventually ruining my life. But thank you again for giving me the will and power to turn my sufferings into blessings, to be able to view things through the eye of goodness. With all heart’s gratitude, you know how fragile I am, but with all my being, body and soul, I am forever be thankful for all the things you have done for me.

I may have wondered so far but as always you keep accepting me into your arms where I can rest when I am restless. I am a person who commits mistakes every now and then but in your loving mercy, you forgive me and allow me to enjoy my life once again. God, though I am not worthy still you love me. And most of all thank you for being my friend.


The Reason Why the Man/Woman of Your Dream Has Not Yet Come


Probably we all want someone in our lives who will stay with us forever and ultimately who will love us for the rest of our days. And most of us find ourselves waiting for that someone to come believing that one day he/she will appear at the right time. Surely, most of us have asked God to grant our wishes but surely also not all of us have defined clearly what we wanted and depended on that belief that “God knows”.

Some keep on waiting but the thing is they never ask God. “Ask and you shall receive”. Surely, God knows what we need but it is also important to express our hearts’ desire wherein we need to ask God for the things we need and we love to have. It was God who said ask and you shall receive even though he knows it already. You need to ask and confirm to yourself that this is what you need and love to have in your life. If you want a loving person to walk with you for the rest of your life. Ask God. and wait because it won’t be easy. We are not receiving what we are hoping for maybe because we have not asked God and confirm to ourselves that we are ready to receive it.

Define who will he/she be because when you’re able do that you are now ready to receive and welcome that person in your life. Some one wise once said that God gave blessings based on our capacity to receive. If it takes long then maybe you are not yet ready to receive that person God meant for you or maybe God is still molding the best person fits for you. To be able to  clearly define what you want is a sign that you are ready to receive it.

Ask God and make it clear and precise. He will give you your heart’s desire if that’s really your heart’s desire. Regret comes when we are not clear of what we want. And when we ask, be patient because if you truly want the best time is needed. Don’t haste because most broken glasses were broken by accident because of haste.

Catching Every Drop of Hope in my Empty Cup


I was afraid to empty myself because I fear that I might not be able to fill it again. I was afraid that at the end of the day I’ll find myself alone walking on a road which I don’t know what path it may lead me to go. I was afraid that at the end of the day hope may not be able to find me and sustain me in my journey and that faith may totally leave me. I wanted everything to stay the same. I don’t want to move from where I am now. I was so afraid to take any step in order for me to move on and live the life that’s really for me.

But I have decided instead to empty myself. A risk that I am afraid to take and do. I don’t know but courage has pushed to do it and I hope courage will not leave me in this battle of filling my cup that I have risked to empty. It’s not easy and I don’t know if I will win. All I know is that I need to win. It’s just so hard to fight for yourself. Honestly, I find it hard to fill my cup again.  I want to catch every hope, every opportunity that comes in my life in order for me to fill this hole in my heart. A hole of emptiness.

I am building a new memory for me. I am making a new identity of me. and I am on my way though it’s hard, though the roads are tough,  though the pains are deep, and the sorrows are too wide to bear. I have to leave it all behind and make things new. I know it will take time but every drop is worth the wait. Not far from now, soon, I will be that person whose faith will never fail, whose hope will never end, and whose love is one that is pure and true.

The Sound That Most Of Us Cannot Hear

There comes a time in our life that we need silence. A time to be alone with ourselves and with the One who created us. A time to be alone but not lonely. A time to be in solitude. To talk with the one who is always with us yet we don’t stop and at least pay attention for a while. To rest the one who is working for too long. To calm the mind that is constantly thinking and uncontrollably worrying the work of everyday.

When we take time to stop we help ourselves to know deeper the one longing for love. That is the self. Sometimes, only in silence the mind can think of the things that we never thought of before. Things that are so revealing that we sometimes are shock to discover unravel truth because we are too much busy to survive the day. This busyness of life blinds us to what matters in life.

In our busyness, we believe that we are doing many important things. And by doing so, we feel that we are important in this universe and our contribution matters. But busyness is not all that matters. Our busyness robs us of the capacity to think of how we should be living in this world. Because we are busy doing so many things we let our days slip away without us knowing it. We are not aware because we believe that it is the way life should be. But it’s not.

The noisiness of life wounds our inner peace and lessens our capacity to enjoy peacefulness. A noisy and busy life accustomed us into believing that this is life in the modern world. That we need to get used to it. That as early as possible we need to embrace it for our own survival and sake. Life is not designed to be like that.

Silence heals. Nine months of silence in the womb makes a life. When we are wounded, in silence we find healing. Try to calm the mind and not to think of anything but peacefulness. Worries kill the mind’s capacity to think well and be at the moment. When our mind wonders too much it doesn’t a choice but to multitask and to multitask means to exhaust the brain from working too much. This activity robs us the gift and joy of the present.

Too much noise leads to frustration and depression. Sometimes, even to the moment that we can’t understand ourselves. All of these happen because we need silence inside our minds and our hearts. When we don’t understand things it’s because we are clouded with noises. We need to clear our minds and pull away those noises in our heads. We need silence for us to clearly hear them. We cannot let go of things that we don’t know. We need to clearly identify them and let loose our hands to let them slip away from our grip.

Only then we can do all of these if we find time to hear the sound of silence. The sound that most of us can not hear. The sound that heals our inner wounds and let’s us meet our truer selves. When we die still silence is the last thing to let go.

I Woke Up this Morning then I Realized “I’m Single.”

While setting up my things because I’ll be on an evening trip to the province for home, a voice on my head whispered, “You’re single.” and then I answered back the voice, “What? what are you saying? I am single?”

Maybe that conversation with myself ,and maybe with the voice in my head, is telling me that I am free. It’s only then at that moment that I realize I am single, that I don’t have anymore bondage and chain that connects me to the past. Some kind of late reaction if you view it a normal sense but revelations for me always come late. So what does it mean if I am single?

In time, I will love again and never to repeat all the mistakes that I have done. I know I will meet people who will truly be teaching me the way of opening my heart to receive love that I deserve and to draw out all the love that I have and I can give. I know I can’t open my heart now because I am not yet ready. For now, I am more ready to accept things, things that have changed, things that I can not bring back again. For now, I am learning to let go of my past and of all the things that burdened me and really be consistent in moving on with my life hoping that one day a new love will find me where I stand.

I am not in a hurry now because I believe I don’t need to. I am single and I am free. I don’t have to worry now. I don’t have any more obligations to my past. I’m losing my grip as well as giving up my moral compass.

This realization is making me feel that I am free and I am happy as well. It’s not a bad experience at all although I have lost everything. I will love again but not now, not yet.