Teacher’s Life

They say “Teaching is the noblest profession”, and I don’t have a bad comment on that because I am a teacher and I believe that statement probably is on my side. Anyway, Teacher’s life is some how quite a little bit but not much so challenging, in short it’s just o.k. so far.

But as far as I can recall some instances in my life when I was inside the room, most of it were some a little bit funny.. in my part.

These were some of it..

1. Entering the room unprepared. What to do?

Of course, the best technique for that is to get angry showing that you have a bad mood so that students will not do anything against the law of the Philippines. Make a drama out of nothing. Or if you have a lesson done prior to that meeting, you can give a quiz, 20 minutes review and the rest will be spent for quiz. HOLA, you save the day. But please, don’t enter the room without anything in mind, this situation  is for case of emergency.

2. Power struggle? What to do?

Warn the student three times. To be safe it should be three times so that there is no alibi for not getting the instruction well. After the warnings are given and still no changes, ex-communicate him. Pretend that he/she doesn’t exist or best if it’s allowable for your school detained him/her. Get him/her out of your sight before you fall into power struggle.

3. Always repeating your instruction?

State your instructions clearly. Inform the students that making you repeat yourself makes you angry.


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