Learnings today

Just a few learning of the day…

1. Never pretend you are o.k.

If everything is going wrong then you need to acknowledge it and make move on how to change it to make it better. Never pretend because it will never help the problem be solved. It will never blow the problems away. It will never go away though it seems its not there.

2. Say what you want.

To tell you the truth, nobody has the capacity to read minds that is why whatever you want to say to a person you need to say it nicely or end up in despair because you have that feeling that nobody cares. Don’t fall to self-pity it’s useless.

3. Express you emotions nicely.

Express everything in such a way that the person still has the opportunity to learn. Don’t express your emotions dangerously. Don’t be imprudent because you might brake someone’s else esteem.

4. Forgive yourself and accept your weaknesses and limitations.

To err is to human and to forgive is divine. You must know your own weaknesses and limitations, you must acknowledge them before you can improve them. Forgive everything including the situation, remember that it is beyond your control.

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