Nokia is MISSED

nokia-phonesWhere is NOKIA now?

Those who are at their twenties now, I’m probably sure and very much sure that you grown up and witnessed how NOKIA entered your lives. When we were young, NOKIA was the phone that made us connect to our friends and the only phone we used every where we go. We brought this phone to every places we go.

What I miss about Nokia?

1. It’s the only phone that you can design its cover easily without you going to the center.

Well, the Nokia body cover can only be bought anywhere. You buy whatever design you want. Easily accessible. Not like the phones today. It’s just so complicated that covers should only be changed by the manufacturer.

2. It’s the only phone that is user friendly.

Even without manual, you can manipulate that phone. You can used it easily because of the friendly features it has. If it doesn’t function, any technician can fix it. You don’t need to go the center again to have it fix.

3. NOKIA is well made.

Nothing can surpass the standard of toughness that a NOKIA product has. Even if you throw it three times, it will not break.

and lastly,

4. It’s the only phone that were able us to text without looking the keypad and screen.

Where is Nokia now?

I guess, we who grew up and experienced NOKIA in our lives will always be a part that we will miss.

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