What if you see her loving another?

What if you see her loving another….

but not with a man……

……but with another woman?

How would you feel?

And What would you do?

I don’t have any answer to this question nor I will attempt and force my self to explain any action that the question is asking. I believe it would be nonsense to explain my side any further  about such situation. A man once disappointed never explain the next move he must take. Life goes on for a men.

But it turns a man off to see a woman once admired  by her principles in life and now being crippled because of a norm.  Just you thought she is  but It turns out she is not. Well, that’s just so revealing and shocking as well because it breaks the expectations set. I’m not making any judgment, this is just how I see the world in my eyes.

I never built her image in my mind but she is admired because she is thought that she knows the difference between beauty and ugliness, between good and bad.

Maybe, people aren’t really the way we expect them nor the way we see them. Deceiving and cunning.

Reserved your admiration at the end because if you don’t regrets will take over.

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