The Reason I lost Her

indexWe should not rush things especially getting into a relationship. It requires a lot of maturity.

I promised myself that if I am going to enter a relationship for the second time I would make it sure that I am matured enough to handle it and to relate myself to the best of me.

I admit that when the first time I entered a relationship, It didn’t work out the way we wanted it to be. I should have known better that time. Loosing her is one of the things I will forever regret. but also I won’t be depriving myself from loving again because I know only love can heal a wound caused by selfishness.

I was then very selfish not to give importance to her feelings. All I knew then was that, if she loved me then I don’t have to worry because she will always do what she is doing, and that is loving me. But I was wrong, she left, all because of my selfishness. I am not aware of that before.

I know I am not yet ready for it but I hope when the time will come I can ready for her, whoever she is.

I just need to let go of everything so that I may learn from it. I admit that I miss everything that we had and I wanted them back but It’s just so impossible now. It’s not easy to go back when you have traveled far already.

All I want is maturity from myself. I just want a relationship where both of us can really claim that it is ours. I never want to rush things and I am willing to wait.

If you’re not yet ready, let the both of us wait until we arrive to the place where w should meet.

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